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  1. BulletWe provide general tax advisory services & planning (corporate income tax, permanent establishments, financing, capital gains, transfer pricing, Withholding tax - domestic law vs. double tax treaties,...);

  2. BulletWe have specialized competency in VAT, and we translate your VAT technical problems in workable solutions for your tax and IT department. We can optimize your VAT flows, and reduce your cost of VAT;

  3. BulletWe support you through your tax audits. If necessary, we will negotiate with the tax authorities or the Ministry of Finance, or even lodge an appeal with the tax administration or assist you with a court procedure;

  4. BulletWe advise on individual taxation and social security matters.

  1. BulletOn a regular basis, we organize tax trainings to enable persons dealing with tax to remain up-to-date with their field of specialization;

  2. BulletOn specific demand, we can organize tailor made in-house trainings or workshops for your business. Experienced instructors will give practical training that is adapted to the business cases of the company;

  3. BulletOur trainings cover VAT as wall as corporate and international tax.


  1. BulletWe offer VAT compliance services. We can help you with preparation and filing of your VAT and Intrastat returns, and additional listings. In this respect, we advise on your VAT accounting and invoicing, and help you getting your processes as automated as possible.

  2. BulletWe perform checks on your transactions, in order to spot opportunities and risks before it is too late;

  3. BulletWe assist you with electronic filing and electronic signatures;

  4. BulletWe handle VAT refund applications in Slovakia and abroad.

  5. BulletWe can help you with corporate income tax compliance services. We can review your invoices and accounting documents to compute the tax due, we can prepare or review the annual corporate income tax returns.




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